Who is the program for?

The program is aimed at people with mind-body syndromes who want to identify stress factors, reduce them and promote their health. Mind-body syndromes are, for example:

  •         ME/CFS    
  •         Long Covid / Post-Covid-Syndrome (without tissue or organ damage)    
  •         Fibromyalgia
  •         Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  •         Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
  •         POTS    
  •         Post-Vaccine-Syndrome (without tissue or organ damage)    
  •         Chronic Lyme Disease (PTLDS)
  •         Tinnitus    
  •         Burnout    
  •         Chronic Pain (i.e. headaches or bakc pain) without organic or structural reasons

Important: Always have symptoms thoroughly checked by a doctor.

Program Overview

  1. Welcome!

  2. Module "Knowledge"

  3. Module "Mindset"

  4. Module "Lifestyle"

  5. Module "Brain Training"

  6. Module "Inner Work, Part 1"

Mind-Body-Balance Program

  • €299,00
  • 132 Lektionen

The Modules

  • Knowledge

    How the brain and nervous system work, what stress and trauma are and how mind-body syndromes develop.

  • Mindset

    How to focus your mindset on recovery and deal better with stress.

  • Lifestyle

    Pacing, nutrition, movement, etc.: What influence lifestyle factors have on your recovery, how you can positively influence this.

  • Brain Training

    Use the neuroplasticity of your brain and retrain it to deal with symptoms and triggers differently - with physical and mental exercises.

  • Inner Work, Part 1

    You have several parts of you, some of which have unhelpful beliefs and behaviors. Get to know them and retrain them.

  • Inner Work, Part 2

    Get to know your emotions, gain access to suppressed emotions and strengthen your real, authentic self.

About me

Dr. Martina Melzer

Hi, ich bin Martina. Ich weiß, wie es ist, Mind-Body-Syndrome wie ME/CFS zu haben. Ich war selbst 15 Jahre betroffen. Aber ich habe mich erholt. Genesung ist also möglich! Ich wünsche dir, dass dir das auch gelingt! I am Martina. I know what it's like to have mind-body syndromes like ME/CFS. I was affected myself for 15 years. But I have recovered. So recovery is possible! I wish you every success!


  • How is the program structured?

    The program is self-study. I deliberately don't set a time frame, for example "8 week course" or similar, because during my own recovery journey this put me under terrible pressure and overwhelmed me. You have access to the program for a year and work your way through the modules at your own pace. A new module will be activated for you every week. But make sure you take your time! I have limited myself to six comprehensive modules in order to convey all the knowledge I have acquired over the last few years in as compact and well-structured a way as possible and in a sensible order. Each module consists of numerous lessons (text, video, audio, handouts).

  • Can I also use the program on my smartphone and tablet?

    Yes, the design is responsive, so it adapts to the device you are using.

  • Is there a community or support?

    There is an internal private community to exchange ideas with others and to motivate and support each other. If you feel stuck or overwhelmed, you can book a coaching session with me at a discounted price.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay by credit card. The new debit cards should also work if you have registered the card for this payment method. Problems with the payment method? Then write me an e-mail and we will look for an individual solution.

  • Does the program have a scientific basis?

    Yes, the program is based on the latest findings from neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, mind-body medicine, psychology - and my personal expertise.

  • How does the program differ from other programs?

    I can't say, as I don't know the contents of the other "recovery programs". Presumably they all go in a similar direction, are structured differently and have advantages and disadvantages! The structure and contents of this program are described on this page. Questions? Then email me.

  • Which languages are available?

    You can auto-translate the English version of the program using your browser in many languages. For example: Francais, Espanol, Italiano and more. Please note: The audio and video exercises are currently only available in English. The handouts are in English, but can be translated. You can also customize the Thinkific learning page to your language. Please contact me for further information!

Important information

  • In the case of so-called mind-body syndromes, abnormalities are often found in special examinations, but there is usually no organ or tissue damage.  
  • Always have new symptoms thoroughly investigated by a doctor. It may be due to mind-body syndrome or another illness, or a combination of both.
  • The mind-body perspective does not have to be in opposition to the conventional medical view. The two can complement each other well. The limiting factor of conventional medicine is often that it is primarily concerned with treating symptoms and managing illness. It is less concerned with seeing the whole person with their history and therefore promoting their health holistically. 
  • The program does not replace individual diagnosis, advice and treatment by doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists. The content cannot be used to make independent diagnoses or to carry out or discontinue medical or psychotherapeutic treatment without consulting a doctor. The content is intended for information purposes only and as an aid to self-help.

Are you ready for your recovery journey?